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UREATac High Pressure Mixing Heads

Mixing Heads production

The most reliable mixing heads in the world

UREATac has developed the innovative mixing heads which all of customers are satisfied. The optimum process design covers the whole range of PU system. It has been used over 20 years in the field of PU machines and plant engineering on all kinds of high pressure PU metering machines without any trouble and problems. We provide three kinds of mixing heads as L-type, Straight type, and heads for continuous panel. All of mixing heads are available as multi components as 2 to 6 components.

UREATac mixing head is best
solution for your production line

  • Easy, Friendly operating, Economical mixing heads
  • The most reliable mixing heads
  • Accuracy and right mixing heads
  • Quality guaranteed & Innovative technology
  • Man-man interface design
  • Eco friendly design

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